How to host a blind wine tasting party

Create a theme for the party.  Pick a wine such as reds, whites, sparkling etc. Decide if you want the tasting to be based on a specific region. Such as; New York State chardonnay, Argentinean Malbecs or Napa Pinots.  Then ask each guest or couple to bring one bottle from the chosen region/varietal. 

Helpful hint: White wines should be chilled to between 45 - 50 degrees F.  Reds are best served between 60 - 65 degrees F.   You can chill reds and then remove to bring back to correct temperature about half an hour before pouring.

In addition to asking your guests to bring a bottle of wine you can have them bring an appetizer to pair the wine with. Or provide palate cleansing unsalted crackers and bread between tastings.

If you have an official wine tasting kit, open and place the bottles into numbered wine bags. If you are using a kit and more than 4 bags are needed, divide the tasting into rounds or categories.  If you don’t have wine bags you can use the old standby paper bags or cover the label with paper.

Pass out a scorecard and pencil to each player. 

Pour the first wine. Each player should then taste and score the wine for each category. Repeat for each bottle.
After all the bottles have been tasted and scored, reveal each bottle by removing the bag.

Finally tally up all the scores to see who brought the best bottle of wine. You can add more fun to the evening by awarding prizes for best through worst wine!

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